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Just like many great ideas, it was discovered through accidental fate in filling the gap between the suppliers and the customers. In the currency trading market, suppliers are like the brokers, and the customers are the traders. For the past 20 years, the currency trading market has always been educating the marketplace on how to trade better as a trader. Gurus, teachers and coaches sprout out like mushrooms in the currency trading jungle each claiming that they have magic strategies and methodologies in taking consistent and explosive profits from the largest financial market in the world with a mind-blowing trading volume of $5.3 trillion per day.

Many are blinded to the reality that it is, almost 95% of the traders in the market will lose their hard earn money in the currency trading market; and out of the 95%, about 10 - 15% will manage to break even. The bottom line is that the “80/20” rule applies.

While providing Risk Management services for our platform platform to build a passive income engine that will last beyond our generation and many more,  to build an agency platform that empowers anyone to create their own passive income engine, leveraging on the world’s largest financial market by investing professionally in the currency trading market with Portfolio automation trading and cushioning their clients - the traders on their risk and losses. With no financial or trading skills necessary. Better yet, make it extremely duplicable for anyone just like a MacDonald franchise.

Fortify was born, changing the way people create their passive income and trading income from the currency trading and online trading market. Anyone has the freedom to create their own passive income engine on the Auto Profit Proprietary System (APPs).


Purpose: To enhance the lives we touch through simplifying the path to financial freedom.

Primary Business: To support & help clients discover and understand their risk profile. To maximize their profit and reduce their risk. 

Secondary Business: To provide effective and tailor-made services to private and public investors seeking to optimise their investment performance.

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The Meaning of Fortify.

Secure, Protect, Surround, Strengthen, Reinforce, Toughen, Consolidate, Bolster, Shore up, Brace, Buttress, Stiffen, Support, Hold up, Energize, Enliven, Liven up, Animate, Vitalize, Rejuvenate, Restore, Revive, Refresh, Galvanize, Dynamize, Fire up, Rouse, Motivate, Boost, Perk up, Stimulate, Inspire, Pick up, Embolden, Give courage to, Encourage, Cheer, Hearten, Buoy up, Reassure, Make confident, Sustain!